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YouTube Community at VloggerHeads?

A group of early YouTube videobloggers has split off from the site in the last month in an attempt to convene a more intimate community they are calling VloggerHeads. With a leadership that seems to be comprised of all middle-aged men — though they’re up to nearly 700 members already — the project seems driven by fear of persecution, commercialization and the mass market.

The point of VloggerHeads, which requires that users be at least 18 but doesn’t seem to be about naughty content, is plain old videoblogging — talking through a camera to other people about your life and issues you care about. That’s something the members feel has been crowded out as YouTube has grown. As VloggerHeads founder/early member Tom Guarriello (aka YouTube user tig847, with 270 videos on the site to his credit over the last two years) put it in a video from last week, “There’s millions of people in the audience on YouTube; there’s 500 people over on VloggerHeads just making boring videos to one another, talking about nonsense — nothing anybody cares about except us.”

The vloggers claim their new community is already “under attack” by bullies from YouTube, and considering the urgency with which they address the camera, you almost expect to hear bombs in the background — but then you remember that middle-aged men who spend all their time making videos on YouTube might also take all sorts of things more seriously than most people.

VloggerHeads, which is for now a Ning community, is indeed exclusive. (Ning said it had no special involvement in the site’s creation; its tools are open to the public.) For a VloggerHeads invite, you must email the address listed on YouTube videos made by its founders. Then they send you an invite, then you fill out some information about yourself, and only after you’re approved can you actually join. I’m still waiting to hear back if I’ll be approved.

To put this into perspective, though, the most popular video I’ve seen on YouTube about the VloggerHeads mutiny has only 19,000 views, and is by VloggingHeads founder Paul Robinett (a.k.a. YouTube user Renetto, an early presence and vocal member on the site who as recently as a couple weeks ago I heard a YouTube exec mention on stage as an example of a user-turned-YouTube partner. See more background on Renetto in Kevin “Nalts” Nalty’s recent blog post on the matter.)

For VloggerHeads, being a small community may be the point after all. As for YouTube, it’s significant that its early members are peeling off, but as the site grows, its initial audience will naturally have a smaller presence. Still, YouTube served a valuable purpose in connecting these creative, extremely talkative and, well, paranoid people to one another.

See also: Kent Nichols of Ask a Ninja‘s take:

Now some other early pioneers on the site are looking for greener pastures. This is a natural part of the cycle. New things become old. Cool places to hang out become corporate institutions. Successful people become outdated and unneeded.

18 Responses to “YouTube Community at VloggerHeads?”

  1. Airrick

    The people that are in support of VloggerHeads obviously hasnt seen previous videos from other VH members. This doesnt surprise me as it seems that the way their “video sharing” works isnt even remotely user friendly @ this point.

    The comments about credit card info is in fact a valid statement. One of the founding members of VloggerHeads, Kenrg, said in a video himself that they were considering methods of positive ID and one of them was using a credit card. Stop the spin all of you VH members, the video is there for the world to see just search it on YT and its there.

    Many of the invited have left or made videos about the concerns about sharing this kind of private information to enjoy a social network online.

    Here is truth.

    1 – Renetto is always hurting for publicity, so even if the site fails the drama and attention keeps him on the virtual front page of YT drama even when its not YT related.

    2 – VH has in fact had more drama in the last 2 weeks than anything else on YT. They would have you believe this is perpetuated by YT however if the VH videos didnt exist in the first place how could people on YT create the images and content?

    3 – In my time on YT, which has been over 2 years, I have been able to not only interact with the community and enjoy it.. I have avoided any of this negative engagement that others seem to complain about.. how is it that an outspoken gay man that has been knee deep in “drama” manage to avoid those kinds of things.. simple.. commen sense. Sorry but it has to be said.

    This VH website, although I wish it the best of luck.. is not the kind of place you can go for truth or accountability..

    Renetto is part of it, and all Renetto is, is another YT entertainer hiding in the skin of a vlogger.. and while everyone else is lapping up his milk I choose to live my life without buying into his virtual reality show..

  2. I belong to VloggerHeads. I was never asked for credit card information. It’s one concept brought up, one method supplied by potential third party verification services that would help prevent sock accounts and anonymous attacks from people who just can’t stand the idea of a few friendly folk connecting through the Internet. Why is everybody attacking our tiny little social network? We’re all about peace and friendship, and all these haters and jerks want to spoil our enjoyment. If you want your own video network, go to and create your own.

  3. Encyclopedia Dramatica and ALL of its off shoots are a bunch of potential Pedos and all they do is go around covering their pedo like kid loving actions by accusing and attacking innocent adults, kids and even the disabled/handicapped of being exactly what they themselves are. Losers like Mikey Sickhan and Troy Riser are among some of the people who are in this group of attackers. There is NOWAY they will ever be permitted to join such a stand up channel such as VloggerHeads, and thank G-d for that as they are the exact kind of people this sight is founded on keeping out.

  4. Mudhooks

    I don’t know where the “information” about “handing over your credit card number comes from.

    I am a member of Vloggerheads, as well as a long-time user of YouTube and LiveVideo (I migrated there after I got fed up with bullies on YouTube and YouTube’s pandering to the lowest common denominator — like the millions of people who got there to watch videos of kids having skateboard accidents or videos with teens taking their tops off.). No one has asked me for my credit card number. There is a notice that at some point “in the future” they MIGHT ask for a credit card number or some other form of ID which would eliminate the type of haters that already have reared their heads on Vloggerheads.

    I joined for the community that went southward when YouTube started ignoring the complaints of abuse to regular users by people with no other interest than harassing the handicapped or flagging videos because they didn’t like the politics (or the look of) a user.

    I joined LiveVideo for the same reason… And for some time, that community flourished. Then LiveVideo “revamped” and added all sorts of bells and whistles, including “Live TV” which automatically turned the front page into nothing but “hooter shows”. Then they started “modding” videos and deleting videos without explanation, all the while letting the porn thrive.

    Vloggerheads and Moar came along and I joined.

    And I am very pleased with it.

    It IS a community, whether we trade “boring videos” talking about “boring things only we are interested in” or not. After all, that is a community. Diverse people who interact on a daily basis in whatever way that pleases them.

    We didn’t join to watch videos about cats being spun about in baskets or kids getting scmucked by a bus while doing something stupid, which seems to be all that YouTube has turned into. We joined to interact with each other and we are doing it very nicely, thankyouverymuch.

    Don’t like it, don’t join…

  5. VH, is a fantastic site. Even in it’s early stages of developing and testing it has shown so many aspects in a site that, in my opinion; Youtube never even tried to embrace. Thanks go to the founders and intitial developers for bringing this remarkable site to life.

  6. whatTRUTHisTOme

    Being a member of Vloggerheads, I feel my opinion has more weight than Mr. encyclopediadramatica. That site is no better than Wiki, but to move on from there, I must say I’m greatly enjoying Vloggerheads. Of course the site is still private and still new-so please don’t take my over excitement about VH as naive but with having nearly 700 members you would think I would have at least received one nasty comment? Or at least a comment about my breasts, or any other body part… repeated over and over and over, through PM and on my videos. What drove me away from YouTube, was the exact reason I will continue to stay on Vloggerheads. How they seem to be cleint centered. On Youtube, the higher ups did not care that I would get harassed on a daily basis there. I was simply a “number”, but not even a semi important number like a partner. So I have taken up to posting my videos on a site that seems to, at this time, care about me. How long that will last, one can never predict. One thing that’s certain, however, is that when I am done posting this comment, I won’t have to quickly check my comment section on all my videos on VH, in case someone has decided to be sexual crude towards me, just because I am female. Nope, I’ll actually be able to enjoy a margarita in my garden with my family. See, Vloggerheads brings families together! ;)

  7. I am on VloggerHeads and they never asked for CC#s at all. The only thing I dont like is your normal “Spunges” who post responses to ever little video another user makes in attempt to dominate the site. It seems to me that some are still focused on popularity more then anything. BUT THE SITE? I love it

  8. Drakeson

    Vloggerheads is a great concept, but I won’t take part in anything that wants my Credit Card info.

    Looking at the various videos on YouTube about VloggerHeads, you can see that Robinette is antagonizing all these bullies… from yelling and swearing at the 1st person that was banned from there, to mocking and challenging people to hack the site, to declaring “Martial Law”, throwing people out of VH based solely on who they associate with on YouTube.

    VH is supposed to be in closed Alpha testing. I don’t know what Robinette’s trying to accomplish by creating this huge spectacle.

    Clever marketing strategy?

  9. Encyclopedia Dramatica is a slander site that encourages and supports harassment and abuse.
    It is not a source for anything remotely close to the truth.

    Vloggerheads was born out of a desire to address issues that YouTube and Google have failed to adequately address.
    I wish them all the success in the world.