IDF- cross the tc1100 with the HTC Shift: UrbanMax

The Intel Developer’s Forum (IDF) is getting in full swing today and new products and concepts are starting to leak out.  Sierra Modro of GottaBeMobile is there and she sends word of a new concept Tablet PC by Intel that looks absolutely dynamite.  If you crossed the hybrid nature of the HP tc1100 Tablet with the siding/ tilt keyboard of the HTC Shift you’d have the closest approximation of the Intel UrbanMax.  The UrbanMax looks like a 10 or 12-inch slate with a screen that slides up to expose a full keyboard and it looks pretty darn cool.  It’s just a concept but hopefullly Intel can convince some OEMs (listening, HP?) to produce one.  Full info and photos at GBM.




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