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Hulu Hit 105M Streams in July

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We thank the online video gods for Hulu, if for no other reason than the ability to write a Nielsen web video measurement post without the headline “YouTube Still #1.” Sure, YouTube is still in first place in terms of video plays, with more than 5 billion video streams served to more than 77 million unique users in July. But Hulu is now No. 8 in Nielsen’s ranking of the top 10 video sites, generating more than 105 million streams to more than 3.2 million unique viewers during the month.

Though Nielsen cautioned us against comparing these stats month-over-month (something about its VideoCensus tool going through frequent tweaks), in June, Hulu was ranked 10th with more than 82 million streams going to 2.6 million unique visitors. Despite Nielsen’s warnings, a 20 million jump is a 20 million jump. That’s a whole lotta Airwolf.

Hulu beat out CNN, Turner Sports and Entertainment Digital Network, and the site’s not that far off from overtaking ESPN. You have to wonder what kind of boost Hulu will get now that it has hired a marketing firm and is expected to get $50 million worth of paid and unpaid media time across NBC and News Corp. properties.

11 Responses to “Hulu Hit 105M Streams in July”

  1. I guess that is a lot of people watching Airwolf. What amazes me that so many more are watching YouTube. I guess it’s all the “Check out my video” views from friends who want to see their buddy’s latest skateboard move. It’s also hard to believe hulu doesn’t have more views with all the embedding out there (Airwolf’s is that introduces the content to new viewers.

  2. SurgeFilter

    Wow. That’s an absolutely amazing run off the line for Hulu. It just proves that casual folks are interested in wonderful older shows from the 80s such as AIRWOLF, that they’re maybe not willing to actually go out and buy a DVD of. It’s great to see such a resurgence of retro interest in all these older series; even Airwolf as a prime example is still seen as being commercially viable entity even after 25 years, so much so that they’ve even released the official soundtrack for the show (‘Airwolf Themes’) on iTunes. That proves that there’s a market for this stuff. Bet you if Knight Rider does well this fall that it’ll be the next property on NBC’s re-make list in the future.

  3. Chris, I am using this comment to send you a tip. You can delete this post after you read it.

    I can’t take it anymore with regard to NBC’s abuse of their Olympics monopoly. I started a public email
    protest here – it’s a public email so it’s better than regular email which they can simply ignore. Also, if a lot of people send them public emails, they will have to do something about it or they are just exposing their problems. Could you help with this protest by letting your readers know about it?