Houston lights up downtown WiFi and it’s free


Dwight Silverman lets us know that the city of Houston has lit up the downtown area with free WiFi.  It’s a pilot program so no guarantee it will be around forever or stay free but it utilizes excess bandwidth from all the wireless parking meters which is pretty cool.  There is an Access Houston web site that details exactly where the hotspots are located, most are in the highly trafficed areas near local attractions.  Check it out and let us know how you find the free WiFi and how the bandwidth works for you.



Lorie Ghamy

In Paris (France), the municipality give 400 free hotspots (libraries, parcs, subway, stations….).

Nice, isn’t it ?


dont know why, but that map reminded me of the old police quest game…


omg no way, i’m going to be around downtown a lot more often then! the only hard part is finding my way to and from the freeways T_T


Silly James, nothing is for free. You’re paying… no doubt, you and many, many more people are paying.

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