National Lampoon’s Latest Digital Acquisition: Modeling Social Net


imageNational Lampoon has made several digital investments over the past several months, with most geared towards male users (, Drunk University, RivalFish). Now it’s looking to reach more females — though still in a way that’s logical to its existing demographic: The company is acquiring, a site for photographers and would-be models to connect online. National Lampoon says it will be able to improve ad sales and infrastructure at the site, and it says it will use the site for casting in its future films, including the forthcoming National Lampoon



Unreal ! Seems all National Lampoon is good for any more is screwing people and companies over ! Hell I guess what can you expect you have Dan Lakin x ceo of National Lampoon who is facing stock fraud Sec charges criminal ! You have the New CEO Tim Durham who well he just wont pay any of National Lampoons bills ! This is a company and 2 guys in business I would stay fare away from. I belong to a web site that has been massively screwed over by National Lampoon, Dan Lakin and Tim Durham. If any one is interested in yet another case of being screwed by National Lampoon Check it out ! !

Bill S.

I would agree that gaining is a no-brainer for National Lampoon. It provides them with a pond to fish from and gain a whole new audience all in one. Seems like the site is already monetized so its earning cash too! Excellent move on Lampoons part.


This is an interesting acquisition, not sure what it really has to do with comedy. But I bet every college guy in the country will spend some time on the site so if Lampoon has advertisers targeting them it could be a home run

Bill Ballou

Great move for these guys, what a pond to fish from for their movies

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