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Maybe Newspapers Can Benefit From Local Online Media Growth: OPA

Local newspapers may be struggling to latch on the to rise of local online media, but a report from the Online Publishers Association suggests that they at least have a good deal of reader trust to build on. The report, Local Online Media: From Advertising to Action (PDF), examined the attitudes of 2,069 respondents who took part in JupiterResearch NPD panel.

Trust: As other studies have shown, local online media growth rates are projected to outpace general internet ad spend. And looking across other local online sites, including city guides, classifieds (e.g.,, Craigslist), portals, yellow pages, and TV stations, newspapers ranked highest with “trust in advertising.” About 56 percent of the respondents found local online newspaper ads most credible, with TV stations (55 percent), portals (53 percent) and yellow pages (53 percent) also getting approval from over half of those surveyed.

Action: Local newspaper sites also beat TV stations (44 percent), magazines (42 percent) and city guides (42 percent) as 46 percent identified online papers as most likely to “generate action,” such as buying a product or doing more research. But despite the trust and the motivation towards acting on an ad, it was local magazine sites that attracted consumers with money. Local mag sites drew 48 percent of those who spent $500 over the past year, while 40 percent of local newspaper readers spent that much during the same period. Release

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