Japan’s Mobile Tech Too Quirky To Succeed Overseas?


For all of the cutting edge mobile technology that Japanese consumers have routine access to, surprisingly little of it has made its way outside of the country. Its government, however, wants to change this, and will begin an



Hi BP–Looks like they are targeting more than the US. Plus, I think with Visa Blink you still have to carry your wallet as its a credit card. FeliCa technology is on a chip that gets embedded into the phone itself, so you can wave your phone at a payment point. I know that Visa was trialling this, but don't know whatever came out of their tests. Anyone?


not sure i see how Felica is poised to compete in the US. they're up against VISA/MC which already have Blink. seems like this is a press release more than really a big new product push.

i think both VISA/MC offer newer credit cards that have Blink which is a tiny RFID chip. you can use it at the supermarket, gas station, etc… wherever a merchant has a newer blink enabled card authorization terminal. i have Chase BLink enabled debit and credit cards.


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