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Industry Moves: Phorm Hires Chairman, Ex Coca-Cola President

Controversial ISP-based behavioural ad targeter Phorm has handed its chairmanship to former Coca-Cola and Turner Broadcasting System president Steven J. Heyer. CEO Kent Ertugrul is handing over the chairman role but continuing in the top spot. Heyer joined the board in October and is also CEO of animator Fathom Studios and vice-chair of Mistral Acquisition Company.

One Response to “Industry Moves: Phorm Hires Chairman, Ex Coca-Cola President”

  1. some things you forgot to mention about this coca cola name dropping OC.

    it just keeps getting better and better, take real long hard look at all these so called top Phorm executives and associates real lives and see them for what they are…

    C.O Felix TheCat wrote:
    "Here's some background to the story. Meet Phorm's new Chairman.

    Misconduct in the Corner Office
    Another CEO Is Ousted, After He Was Accused of Sending Inappropriate E-mails to a Female Employee

    You could not make this up. No one would believe it.


    and in other news:
    "City of London Police – Criminal Complaint Update

    I received a communication from DS Barry Murray this lunch time regarding the criminal complaint I made against BT on 16th July. I cannot go into too many details at this time as it is part of an ongoing “investigation” but I can confirm that the issue does now appear to be being taken seriously; I have been asked a series of further questions relating to the issue and have been informed BT will be questioned in early September.

    I will continue to update you all as and when appropriate – in a manner which will not interfere with the criminal investigation.