Hulu Reaches 100 Million Streams, 3.2 Million Uniques; Now, Time To Advertise

After only five months since going live, Hulu has reached 105 million streams in July, according to numbers released by Nielsen’s VideoCensus. The NBC Universal-News Corp (NYSE: NWS). joint venture’s streaming numbers were fairly strong early on. In April, Nielsen reported that it had 63 million. Still, Nielsen is a little wary of offering any historical comparisons, since VideoCensus is barely more than a year old. A rep for the audience measurement company noted that VideoCensus continues to undergo upgrades, practically on a monthly basis. The warning: “Some changes from month-to-month might be the result of definitional changes rather than organic, and we are erring on the conservative side in our public use of the data.” That said, for those keeping score, VideoCensus also said that Hulu also attracted 3.2 million unique viewers last month.

Adweek: So now that the video site has achieved a level of traction with its 250 TV shows and 100 movies, it seems like a good time for Hulu to advertise its offerings. Hoping to draw more viewers and brands to support it, Hulu has tapped Crispin Porter + Bogusky, the Miami-based creative shop behind campaigns like Burger King’s Subservient Chicken. Hulu is said to be serious about spreading the word, planning a full campaign beyond just digital and its parents’ TV properties to include other outlets and traditional media. The campaign is estimated to be worth around $50 million of paid and unpaid ad time.