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Will You Vote Republicrat?

In this time of political polarity, new media management and production studio Generate is hoping to bring the country together with its new online series, Republicrats. Debuting today on MSN, Republicrats follows the comedic presidential aspirations of Sean Masterson.

Masterson’s political platform is his lack of one. His character doesn’t harbor any of those pesky strong opinions on topics of the day. There will be 24 episodes of Republicrats with new episodes launching twice a week. Episode budgets weren’t disclosed, but MSN picked up the production tab for the series after seeing the pilot Generate created.

Because of Masterson’s political malleability, future episodes of the show will be determined by fan interaction. People can post comments or videos that help dictate which direction the series will take. For example, in the second episode, Masterson will start looking for a first lady (no virgins, please), and the fans can weigh in. Episodes are still being shot, which makes for an interesting production that has episodes with gaps being left for the audience to fill.

“From the production standpoint, the challenge is to get ahead of it so each episode is self-contained,” said Jordan Levin, founding partner and CEO of Generate. “We need to be able to add and fill in those episodes.”

Will Republicrats win over voters? When asked if he was looking for a specific success metric, Levin said “Buzz. That it’s something that people can point to and say that this was one of those projects that was able to stick in people’s heads.”

That might be fine for a show MSN paid for, but after taking $6 million in funding back in March, Levin’s going to need a metric a bit more concrete for the Generate-financed series Pink.

5 Responses to “Will You Vote Republicrat?”

  1. Daniel in Florida

    I am a Republicrat. I am 42m and stay at home dad. my wife makes about 40k a year. I used to be registered democrat.

    Well I was for Obama before I supported Palin. You see that’s what I like about being a Republicrat, you do not have to like the person leading the party. You can like the number two person and still be loved by the party. I can’t wait to see who Masterson chooses for VP. Heck, Masterson is so young and healthy, he might not even need a VP. Now that will shake up Washington, choose yourself for your running mate.