Top Gear Revs up a YouTube Channel


Top Gear, the massively popular British show that’s equal parts automotive and entertainment, now has its own YouTube channel. This marks the first time the BBC Worldwide has dedicated a YouTube channel to a single show.

The Top Gear channel features clips of shows including car reviews, celebrity interviews and challenges like the “Bugatti Veyron vs Euro Fighter Typhoon Drag Race.” But the BBC has disabled embeds (lame!). For diehard fans looking for a quick fix, this should do the trick, though we came across at least one blogger who wasn’t that happy over the news:

“Pick up a stone. Any stone will do. Now, throw it into the air and I bet it’ll land on something showing Top Gear… Rumour has it that the BBC are going to install tiny projectors in newly born infant eye-sockets which show ‘Classic Top Gear Clips’ onto the backs of eyelids.”



BBC is ramping up its presence on YouTube. The want to be where the eyeballs are. I’m pretty sure they will eventually elevate content to their iPlayers.


Why don’t they just let non-uk countries access iplayer instead of relying on youtube? I would think they would want the extra ad revenue.

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