The birth of the internet


Om Malik has pointed out the NSF Birth of the Internet site that is absolutely frikkin’ awesome.  I have only just started going through the history which is extremely well done in video and multimedia and I am mesmerized.  The scary thing is remembering first-hand most of the things covered.  I still haven’t hit the part where Al Gore invented the Internet, though.  You must check this out.  BTW, Om, I will not likely get much done this afternoon, thanks buddy.  The coolest part for me so far is that in the 60’s you could get a computer with a whopping 8,192 BYTES of memory for just $1,000 per month.



Mike Cane

JK: If you really want a mind trip, go read up about the on-board computer used to get us to the Moon and back in the Apollo mission. A frikkin 1st-gen Palm Pilot is a supercomputer by comparison!

Oh yeah, remind me: Did Al Gore invent NASA too? Or just the Moon?


Dangnaddits, I was gonna vote for him too, until I found out he invented the internets…

It’s still fun to say “Al Gore invented the internet…”


Dear ‘John Gibson’,

please see the following links

Cerf/Kahn (internet protocol -aka IP- designers) said (2nd link): ‘No other elected official, to our knowledge, has made a greater contribution over a longer period of time (than Gore).’

In other words, Gore DID take the initiative in helping bring the internet to mass use. Credit must be given where due.

John GIbson

While true that he didn’t say he “invented” the internet he did say he created the internet… It’s a gross exaggeration that is always going to be associated with him just like other errors live with other public figures… Kind of like his precessor and potato.

Jon Dee

James – I can’t believe that you’re putting out the “Al Gore invented the Internet” line!

As Vanity Fair points out in one of their latest issues, he played a key role in helping with Govt funding and legislation to take the Net to another level – the Net that we know today.

He sure didn’t invent the Net (and has never said as such) but he played a very key role in getting the Net to where it is today. For that we should all be grateful instead of taking the mickey out of him!

Hope you’re well.

Jon :O)

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