"Clean Coal" Lobbying Jumps to $4.65M

The lobbying arm of coal-reliant companies that are calling for “cleaner coal” jumped up to a sizable $4.65 million for this year, according to recent data from the Center for Responsive Politics. The figures for the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE) lobbying group previously showed that the group had spent $1.87 million for the year — the new figures indicate that it has more than doubled its lobbying efforts for the year.

The ACCCE’s most recent lobbying efforts make up a substantial portion of the total amount spent on lobbying to date for the entire sector classified as “alternative energy production and services” — a little less than a third of $14.94 million sector total. Joe Lucas, VP of Communications for the ACCCE, told us the firm was new to direct lobbying so the funding was to help get those efforts established, and that the efforts wouldn’t necessarily represent a pattern. He also said that a large portion of the funding was spent on opposing the Lieberman-Warner Bill, because it didn’t “preserve the integrity of the energy supply system.”

Though the group’s $4.65 million lobbying investment is its largest lobbying figure to date, and it appears to be a trend. The organization itself isn’t listed as spending on lobbying prior to 2008. But the group “Americans for Balanced Energy Choices” — which is one of two groups that is listed as one the predecessors of the ACCCE — has spent on lobbying in the past. ABEC, which is categorized under the “mining” sector spent $3.02 million in 2007, $2.56 million in 2006, and $1.99 million in 2005. So while the ABEC’s lobbying ended in 2008, the newly formed ACCCE has taken over the role — so, it’s not entirely new to the business. And also appears to be ramping up its lobbying efforts.