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Break, Tremor Brag about Video Ad Effectiveness

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Break Media and Tremor Media are both out today touting numbers that show pre-roll and other video ad units are effective. Video ad firms are especially eager to show that consumers are willing to watch pre-rolls, given the ad format’s bad reputation.

Break looked at 5.85 million impressions for three campaigns, applying four ad units built to the new IAB specs: pre-roll, interactive pre-roll, non-overlay and overlay. The site saw completion rates of 87 percent for 15-second pre-rolls and interactive pre-rolls.

Click-through rates were close to 10 percent for regular pre-rolls (which seems quite high) and higher for the interactive ads. Non-overlay ads (which look like a band across the top of the video player; see above) had click-through rates of 0.08 percent and overlay ads had click-through rates of 0.65 percent.

Meanwhile, in a study of 100 campaigns and nearly 65 million impressions, Tremor Media measured 80 percent completion rates for both 15- and 30-second pre-roll ads. While the study’s size makes it more significant, Tremor did not look at click-through rates. Tremor said it actually saw slightly higher completion rates for 30-second ads than 15-second ones, attributing viewer willingness to watch longer ads to their placement next to high-quality content.

2 Responses to “Break, Tremor Brag about Video Ad Effectiveness”

  1. I wish one of these Ad Networks could convince advertisers to advertise on QuickTime. There is a lot of advertising inventory going unsold because Flash is the darling of the Ad Industry…

    But Flash doesn’t work on the iPhone.

  2. Chris Mak

    Great write-up. There definitely needs to be a more holistic approach on assessing the value of pre-rolls and other video ads. Clicks (and conversions) are part of the value equation but user engagement completes the value equation. Completion rates are an effective, nearly indisputable way to track user engagement.