Break, Tremor Brag about Video Ad Effectiveness

Break Media and Tremor Media are both out today touting numbers that show pre-roll and other video ad units are effective. Video ad firms are especially eager to show that consumers are willing to watch pre-rolls, given the ad format’s bad reputation.

Break looked at 5.85 million impressions for three campaigns, applying four ad units built to the new IAB specs: pre-roll, interactive pre-roll, non-overlay and overlay. The site saw completion rates of 87 percent for 15-second pre-rolls and interactive pre-rolls.

Click-through rates were close to 10 percent for regular pre-rolls (which seems quite high) and higher for the interactive ads. Non-overlay ads (which look like a band across the top of the video player; see above) had click-through rates of 0.08 percent and overlay ads had click-through rates of 0.65 percent.

Meanwhile, in a study of 100 campaigns and nearly 65 million impressions, Tremor Media measured 80 percent completion rates for both 15- and 30-second pre-roll ads. While the study’s size makes it more significant, Tremor did not look at click-through rates. Tremor said it actually saw slightly higher completion rates for 30-second ads than 15-second ones, attributing viewer willingness to watch longer ads to their placement next to high-quality content.