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A Second Look at Evernote, Joint Contact, Backboard, Retaggr and Zemanta

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I’ve been blogging here about Web apps and ideas for work for a while now so I thought I’d revisit some of the apps I’ve posted about in the past months. Where are they now? What are some of their latest developments?

Ever Improving Evernote

EvernoteI blogged about Evernote back in April while they were still in private beta. Mike Gunderloy has also covered them several times. Judi Sohn has also mentioned them a few times including recently.

The latest from Evernote seems to be some tweaking to add more finesse to the application’s versions on the Web, via Mobile Web and on the iPhone such as:

  • Rich text editing including bullets, colors, and styles on their Web version.
  • A new web clipper Firefox and Flock extension for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • The ability to change the title of a note during web clipping
  • The ability to edit text notes on Evernote Mobile Web and soon on iPhone.

I like the way Evernote uses social media communications to stay in touch with customers including FriendFeed and via a Facebook fan page.

Joint Contact Gets Even More Twittery

In my constant quest for the ideal project management tool for Web work, I took a look at Joint Contact last month, especially taken with their ideas around using Twitter as part of project management. The latest version of Joint Contact includes the ability to send automated Tweets (through a Twitter account with protected updates) when users add documents, images or tasks. Team members who are comfortable with Twitter can be in the loop via their favorite Twitter tool or platform including desktop with Twitterific or Twhirl and via SMS.

Again, to use Twitter as an integrated part of the Joint Contact project management process, the company is emphasizing that the Twitter profiles created must be protected to keep the project messages secure. Regardless of how it plays out, this is an interesting example of a business application for Twitter and for the use of SMS communications for project management. (Joint Contact on Twitter)

Backboard Gets More Secure

Welcome to BackboardLast month, I also posted about Backboard, the handy and elegant feedback application. Since then, the company has enhanced security, providing an access key for extra security when sharing your Backboard with a large group. You can also restrict access to your Backboard to a group confirmed with their own password-protected accounts.

Backboard Groups let’s you share multiple Backboards with the same team and the Address Book Import let’s you easily add your contacts from your Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, LinkedIn and Outlook. Another helpful feature is supporting multiple versions of the same document so you can change your file and get feedback on the new version.

Backboard is one of those Web apps that I really loved in demo but haven’t used it in my Web work to date, but I can definitely see using it in the near future.

Retaggr Enhances Profile Cards

I played around with the Retaggr profile card back in June and thought it was a nice, compact way of displaying one’s credentials. The latest from Retaggr includes:

  • The ability to add professional affiliations.
  • The ability to include your card in your sig file.
  • A feature where you can compare your card with others.
  • Host custom widgets in your card.
  • Add any profile link into your card even if not a Retaggr partner.

I’m going to use Retaggr soon, really I am. I have an account but have yet to be able to embed it into my blog. So many apps and widgets, so little time. (Retaggr on Twitter)

Zemanta Odds and Ends

Zemanta Ltd.Just got an email from the folks at Zemanta. I blogged about them twice – here and here. While I don’t usually find Zemanta helpful blogging at WWD, I am finding that I use it for other pro-blogging gigs and even more often for my personal blogs.

Zemanta’s latest:

  • They now support Windows LiveWriter.
  • They are suggesting content from CrunchBase.
  • They’ve expanded their Amazon books integration to include book covers.

Zemanta does help me enhance blogs in a pinch so I’d put this under the “useful app, using it” category.

You can also find Zemanta on Twitter.

BTW, I really like being able to follow my favorite companies and apps on Twitter.

Are you using any of the apps mentioned here? If so, how are you using them?

8 Responses to “A Second Look at Evernote, Joint Contact, Backboard, Retaggr and Zemanta”

  1. I’m a big fan of Evernote and have been using it for quite a while now. These days, I use it for mostly “stream of consciousness” types of things (e.g., items not related to specific projects). Plus I frequently snap pictures with my phone and upload to Evernote to later be shared or referenced.

    I just recently started using Zemanta and do like it so far. I’ve found that it does help me create some more robust blog posts. In particular, I like being able to link to additional content and having some other tags readily available.