This Mobile Life: Roeding


This Mobile Life: Postcards From IndiaOur dear friend Cyriac Roeding, the former EVP of mobile at *CBS*, is on a world tour of about 10 countries in seven weeks. After leaving *CBS* earlier this year, he is on to the next new thing, and for inspiration– and to unwind– and at our request, he is documenting the mobile lifestyle across the countries he is touring. His this



I love traveling also and would love to tour India. Looks like a nice place to visit.

You might want to know about the YES movie from It is created by Louis Lautman as he travels around the nation documenting successful young millionaire entrepreneurs.

Russell Nelson

I've seen similar sights in Mumbai. Interestingly, some taxi drivers have cellphones with zero minutes on their SIM, so they can accept incoming calls from their dispatcher. My customer there, Rediff, is expecting to have an increasing number of mobile users.

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