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BusinessWeek Launching Topic Pages; Rejoices

BusinessWeek is launching–hold on, this will shock you–topic pages, and NYT devotes one full story on the launch of it. Its topic pages, called Business Exchange, are index/aggregation pages on various topics it covers, and include BW’s own stories and then other sources (including competitors) as well. Users, who can develop profiles using LinkedIn, can also contribute to these pages…BW has an existing relationship with the business social net. Users can also create their own pages, a la Wiki, though they require editorial approval. These sections have been in “two years of quiet development”, the story says, and will launch in September.

BW has the smallest online audience out of the main three magazines, and is trying hard to compete… is big, at 8 million uniques monthly, according to Nielsen and has the big CNNMoney funnel to push traffic to it. gets about two million uniques a month. With these topic pages, it hopes increased engagement will help bump up the traffic…and then with topic pages, SEO improves, so that helps.