Tweetake: Backup for Twitter

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ScreenshotThe notion of making a backup copy of the ephemera that is Twitter may strike you as odd – until you realize that your lists of friends and followers are actually valuable contacts. Fortunately, Tweetake makes it possible to save everything about your Twitter account – followers, friends, favorites, and your own tweets – to a local CSV file. Just put in your authentication, press the button, and wait for the file to download. If you have a ton of friends and followers, you may not get them all back, but I suspect that is simply a limit of the Twitter API.

Even though this service isn’t earthshattering, it’s certainly nice to have if you’re invested in your Twitter account. And it’s an example of the sort of local backup of cloud-based services that we’ve been talking about – even if it doesn’t come from Twitter themselves. Let’s hope we see more of these in the future.

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Brian Carnell

Thank you. Been looking for exactly something like this for a long time now. Not sure if I’d use it on a regular basis though given that you’re giving them your account and pass.

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