Quick Site Pulse Taking with URL-info


ScreenshotAs a web designer and developer, I find myself needing to analyze HTML pages quite often. I have my own stable of client-side tools to do this, but what if you’re not at your own computer? One way to peer into pages is with URL-info, a new site running on Google App Engine. It’s simple to use: just enter a url and click Go, or set the bookmarklet up for your browser.

URL-info returns a variety of information about the target web page, including the time it took to download and the size, the HTTP headers, and lists of all of the images and links on the page. It would be nice if you could also follow links directly from the tool, or download images. Perhaps we’ll get that in the next revision.



LiveHTTPHEADERS a firefox plug-in has these and many more features.

I have been using this for a while.

What is you want to know about a site that is hosted internally and not connected to the internet. url-info might not work

Cheers, nag


Most of this functionality is built into safari 3’s developer console. There’s a few things I feel it lacks, but overall it’s a good way to do performance testing on your site.

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