Earth2Tech Week in Review


Congress is on vacation and the price of oil is slipping, but the energy debate in America continues to boil. Cleantech startups are still making moves and, in case the Olympics had you distracted, here are the big headlines from this week’s cleantech news.

PG&E Signs Massive 800 MW PV Solar Deals With OptiSolar, SunPower: The Northern California utility said it has inked an agreement with OptiSolar unit Topaz Solar Farms to purchase electricity from the 550 MW San Luis Obispo County, Calif., farm once it’s operational in 2011, as well as 250 MW from High Plains Ranch II, a subsidiary of SunPower — a total of 800 MW of clean, solar energy.

U.S. Wind Poised to Hit 150GW by 2020: The booming U.S. wind market is set to cross the 150 gigawatt mark by 2020, according to a report from market research firm Emerging Energy Research. But it will take actually double that if we want to get 20 percent of our electricity from wind like the DOE and T. Boone Pickens think we can.

The Finer Points of the Chevy Volt: Chevy’s upcoming electric vehicle, the Volt — highly anticipated, and crucial to GM’s future — has gotten a lot of press for its fully integrated hybrid drivetrain, but relatively little attention has been paid to the car’s aerodynamics.

RoofRay Launches Online Solar Clearinghouse:
How much will it cost; how long until it pays off; who’s the best local installer? A new site that launched this week, is looking to help answer all of those queries using satellite data and a hands-on web site —

Kevin Rose’s Next Startup to be Green Focused?: Kevin Rose, Silicon Valley wunderkind and founder of Digg, proposed an idea he calls “iPower” that would manage the power consumption of your home electronics and turn them off when you left the house. Although he says he’s too busy to take on the idea, several cleantech startups are working on similar ideas.

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