Yet another Mac vs. PC cost comparison. Only this one makes sense.

Macsexpensive1Kudos to Harry McCracken on two counts. First, the former PC World Editor-In-Chief has struck out on his own with his Technologizer blog. And B: he’s penned what I think is the most even-handed Mac versus PC comparison yet. We just touched upon on this topic (and saw the requisite partisan commentary that’s to be expected), so Harry’s timing is right on.

Instead of using a high-level indicator like Average Selling Price, Harry actually compares Apples to non-Apples Apples as it were. His approach was to use a high-end MacBook and find three Windows-based notebooks that are as equal as possible in terms of size, features and overall specs. I think that’s fair and while you or I might have picked other systems to use, I don’t think Harry went out of his way to pick systems that would prove a pre-conceived hypothesis. He chose a Dell XPS M1330, an HP Pavilion dv4t and a Sony VAIO VGN SR190. Read through his excellent analysis for the final word and see what you think. We’ll batten down the hatches for the anticipated brouhaha in the comments. ;)

Coming from an economics and statistics background (yes… exciting stuff!), I know that I could prove or disprove the theory fairly easy. There’s the easy way: just pick a lower-costing notebook in the sub-$1,000 range, since there’s no Mac in that range. Yup, that proves the point… for that particular market. In the case of a comparable feature set in the $1,200 to $1,400 range? You’ll generally find price parity and it may be an issue of a particular feature that’s more important to you.


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