Wisdomap: Simple Mind Maps


ScreenshotWe’re fans of mind-mapping around WWD: simple diagrams that help your brainstorm or organize by taking advantage of visual and spatial memory. The latest Flash-based online mind-mapping tool to cross our paths is Wisdomap. They emphasize simplicity: you get nodes and links, without a lot of finicky controls for their appearance or even placement. Any node on your map can also have explanatory text associated with it, as well as videos, images, files, and sites – but those bits of extra information are clustered on the sides of the map, instead of being crammed into nodes.

A free Wisdomap account lets you create and share up to three mind maps. The £10 Premium account holds unlimited maps, and adds download to PNG or PDF format as well as printing to the mix.



Thanks for the post, Mike and the related info, Dale!

Any other online mindmap tools worth checking out?


Chuck Frey

I find the developer’s decision to place supporting images, links and other data in a vertical pane on the right side of the workspace to be very odd, because these resources have very little meaning when considered out of context of the topics to which they SHOULD be attached. Their goal is simplicity and clarity, but I find the current configuration to be confusing. For more on the thinking behind Wisdomap, please read my blog post about it.

Dale Bertrand

I bought MindManager five months ago and love it! My only problem is that I have the Mac version so it doesn’t have all of the features of the Windows version. The upshot is that the Mac version costs half as much.

My suggestion is to try one of the online mind mapping tools and then buy MindManager if you decide you like the concept of mind mapping.

Now that I figured out how to use mind maps in my daily flow, I could never go back to making lists like I used to.

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