Vid-Biz: IOC, Couric, Shatner


IOC Backs Down on Tibet YouTube Video Takedown; Olympics Committee withdraws complaint over protest video. (The Industry Standard)

Katie Couric to host Special Web Vids for Political Conventions; and CNET to host live, post-primetime web-only coverage, will incorporate audience questions. (Broadcasting & Cable)

Shatner Adds Video to Autographs; Captain Kirk’s an investor in Live Autographs, which records video of him and other celebs signing stuff for fans with a personalized message. (Reuters)

Flixwagon Available on iPhone 3G; mobile vid-casting service available on jailbroken versions of the device as well as firmware 2.0.x. (Flixwagon)

Is the BBC iPlayer Open? Network says it’s all for open standards, but the truth may be a little different. (OStatic)

Video Picture Enhanced Through Still Photos; researchers develop way to combine the two elements for a better picture, plus removal of objects and camera shake. (University of Washington)

Using Photographs to Enhance Videos of a Static Scene from pro on Vimeo.

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