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Use iPhone Optimized Web Sites On Your Desktop For Greater Productivity

We’ve talked about Site Specific Browsers like Bubbles in the past and while I have found them to be useful in some instances, it’s only with the proliferation of web applications with iPhone optimized interfaces that I have really started using them.

I have found that setting up multiple SSB windows ,each containing the iPhone view of a web application, allows me to create a dashboard of sorts on my spare monitor. At a glance, I can view my stable of important apps in nice compact, consistent windows.

Toodledo on iPhone

For example, I am a big fan of the Toodledo task list application. For heavy duty task management or review, the full app view is better but the iPhone optimized interface is great for quick viewing and modifications. So while I do keep the full application open in a Firefox tab, I also keep the iPhone interface open in a Bubbles window on that secondary display. This allows me to view, add or complete tasks very quickly.

The iPhone interfaces are typically very well done and these SSB windows work very much like desktop widgets, providing an excellent view of my data.

BatchBook designer Adam Darowski just published a great instructional post on how to use to bring Google Reader for iPhone to your desktop, but these steps can be used for just about any application that has an iPhone optimized interface. The process for using Bubbles on Windows or the multi-platform Prism is comparable.

Do you use Site Specific Browsers? Which iPhone interface would you find most useful?

6 Responses to “Use iPhone Optimized Web Sites On Your Desktop For Greater Productivity”

  1. I freaking HATE iphone optimized websites! These uselss abbreviated websites are definately NOT what I’m wanting to see. The beauty of the iPhone is the ability to do FULL html Safari web browsing. If you decide to do this, at least provide a link to offer the ability to go to the full web version.

  2. Benny sh

    All you need to do is to put and lock urls on your windows “web-desktop”, and they will always be there.

    I got gmail, a page with online radio player, and some other useful windows on my desktop, laying under the normal application windows.

    easy to to, just use the build in web-desktop features of windows :)

  3. Prism is very handy for this…creates basically a Firefox window for a specific site. Fires up almost instantaneously.

    Especially nice if you have a touchscreen computer or a slate.