Palm Treo Pro looks like a “big-boy” Centro


PalmtreoproUnfortunately, the source article showing images and specs for a leaked Palm Treo Pro design was removed at WMExperts. That likely means they’re legitimate and of course, all over the web at this point. Part of me hopes that the leaked info wasn’t accurate at all.

While I liked the Palm Centro when I had a hands-on, I see the alleged Palm Treo Pro as a minor revision of that device. More professional looking and a little sleeker yes, but nothing innovative. That may not be a bad thing since Palm has sold over two million Centros by providing a fair amount of bang for buck, but I’m expecting more.

Granted, I’m providing commentary on a device that may not exist, but I’m hoping to see more "revolution" and less "evolution" in Palm’s future. In fact, I’m crossing my fingers that this device is the first to run on a new Palm operating system. It’s been recently reported that Palm has ordered up to 5 million handsets from Compal to be manufactured in 2009 and that they will all run on Windows Mobile, so I’m not getting a warm fuzzy feeling about the "evolution" I’m looking for.


i guess that first priority for palm is for the phone to sell in quantities. anything else is secondary right now given their financial situation.


Yes it does look like an older brother version of the Palm Centro, now that you mentioned it…

One way they could certainly appeal to the business folks are to make sure the keyboard is not too cramped like it is on the Centro (however judging by the pics, it wouldn’t surprise me if they were just as cramped.)

**Seriously? Only 400MHZ and 100MB of Memory?**


Uh, Kevin, you do realize that the Centro is a Palm OS device and the Treo Pro is a Windows Mobile device, right?

Different hardware + different OS = not exactly comparable devices in my mind.

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