HP’s QuickLook- get a feel for instant-on today

The instant-on craze has been nagging at the back of my mind as something I’ve used before.  Today it finally hit me that what was tickling my mind was the QuickLook utility that HP made available for the tc1100 Tablet PC back in the day (2005) and more recently the 2710p.  I dug back through the jkOnTheRun archives and sure enough both versions of QuickLook have been covered here.  Note that QuickLook uses a Linux subsystem to access Outlook data so all you can do is view your Outlook data, but it works the same as these "instant on" systems that are all the rage.  QuickLook bypasses Windows and fires up a tiny Linux kernel for running it alone.  Take a look at the two articles about QuickLook and if you have a tc1100 or 2710p then give QuickLook a try and see how these instant on systems will work.



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