HP’s QuickLook- get a feel for instant-on today


The instant-on craze has been nagging at the back of my mind as something I’ve used before.  Today it finally hit me that what was tickling my mind was the QuickLook utility that HP made available for the tc1100 Tablet PC back in the day (2005) and more recently the 2710p.  I dug back through the jkOnTheRun archives and sure enough both versions of QuickLook have been covered here.  Note that QuickLook uses a Linux subsystem to access Outlook data so all you can do is view your Outlook data, but it works the same as these "instant on" systems that are all the rage.  QuickLook bypasses Windows and fires up a tiny Linux kernel for running it alone.  Take a look at the two articles about QuickLook and if you have a tc1100 or 2710p then give QuickLook a try and see how these instant on systems will work.




Is there any chance for user with Thunderbird/Sunbird instead of Outlook?


You are correct. QL2 will not work with the 2710p. QL2 relies on EFI BIOS which is found on the HP xx3x series business notebooks. If you get a chance to fully review the new 2530p you mentioned on 8/17 you can check out QuickLook 2 in detail.

James Kendrick

Quicklook ver 2 does not show to be compatible with the 2710p. I am going to try it but won’t be surprised if it won’t work. Ver 1 is the only one that shows to work with the 2710p.


The latest version of QuickLook (QuickLook2) no longer uses Linux, rather is a seperate EFI application. You should do an update to the thread and review it here!


You are wrong.
The good thing about the instant-on feature with QuickLook is that the access to the PIM data is via SD Card. That means the harddisk hasn’t to spin up and after the quick looking down again.
That’s the whole point in it, not only the saving of the battery power.

To look something up like a phone number or an adress it’s more than enough.
Even in hybrid sleep mode it would take longer, since you have to start outlook, which takes a few seconds.

Usually I use my pda for something, but I like this feature and used it several times so far.


This looks good but how do you set the button up to start QuickLook when the HP 2710p is turned off?

Great website by the way!!!


You gotta be kidding me!! i owned 2 TC1100s and never knew about this. i just bought one with some extra cash (real cheap too) to use it purely for note taking. cant wait to get home and try it.


Only a question, considering vista ibrid sleep mode…what kind of advantage have an istant-on feature that have a crippled access to your data…i mean, when i wake my pc i have immediately my complete desktop (3-4 seconds to desktop), sure on notebook there is a light drain on the battery from ibrid sleep (only for maintain ram power) but on the whole i think it is worth the costand way better of other solution.

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