Green Campaign Watch: Exxon John, T. Boone & An Energy Vote No-Show

This week, Democrats are simultaneously edging closer to the middle on domestic oil exploration and trying to coat McCain in Big Oil’s ill-gotten profits. Meanwhile McCain met with one of the biggest former oilmen, T. Boone Pickens. But McCain hasn’t put in the effort to renew the tax credits vital to Pickens’ wind energy plan. Thomas Friedman points out that the Senator has missed every energy tax credit vote this year.

DNC Launches Attack on “Exxon John”: The Democratic National Committee has put out a new ad attacking McCain, charging, in rhyme, that the Senator is on Big Oil’s payroll. The ad parodies a widely ridiculed spot from Senator “Big” John Cornyn (R-Texas) with a similar baritone cowboy narrator who intones: “The future in energy is alternatives they say, but that’s not Exxon John’s way.” California Rep. Hilda L. Solis and California Democratic Party Chairman Sen. Art Torres held a conference call today to promote the video and blasted McCain for his oily connections in preparation for the presidential-hopeful’s scheduled to visit to the Golden State.

McCain Sits down with T. Boone Pickens: T. Boone Pickens had the opportunity to give his famous whiteboard presentation to McCain this morning in Aspen, Colo. Following the meeting Pickens issued a statement saying that McCain was “interested and encouraged” by the proposed plan. Pickens says he stressed that an energy plan “must reduce our foreign dependence on foreign oil by at least 30 percent in the next 10 years.” In the pursuit of a truly bipartisan effort, Pickens reiterated his intentions to meet with Democratic nominee Obama as well.

Friedman Blasts McCain’s No-Show Energy Record: It hurts when you realize that the U.S. Senate has already voted eight times this year on renewing the renewable energy tax credits — and has yet to get enough votes to pass them. What’s worse is that Sen. John McCain has missed all eight votes. Between campaigning for offshore drilling and sitting in his office, he hasn’t cast a vote either way for the production and investment tax credits. Obama’s record is a bit better — he’s voted for to renew the tax credits all three of the times he was there.