Fennec: video walkthrough of Mozilla’s mobile browser

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Not everyone has had a chance to play with Mozilla’s Fennec browser beta on a Nokia Internet Tablet just yet. OStatic points out this great concept video showing how the mobile browser handles user interaction, panning and zooming offers a glimpse for what’s down the road. Because it’s a concept, there’s much that could change here. I like how Aza Raskin and the Fennec team get that "fingers are fat" when it comes to a user interface on the small screen:

"The same fingertip that controls the interface takes up between 1/5thto 1/10th of the vertical/horizontal height/width of the mobiletouch-screen. In other words, fingers are fat: hitting small targetsis like trying to touch-type with your elbow. All actions should berepresented by targets that are large enough to be fast, easy, and (atthe very least) not aggravating to hit."

From what I can see, the Fennec team has maximized the viewable content on the screen while offering easy-to-access controls off-screen: you simply pan left or right for what you need to do. The team is also leveraging functionality within Firefox 3, so if you like the awesome bar function from the URL field, you’ll be a happy camper.

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hmm, aza raskin. not a relative of jeff raskin of apple fame by any chance?

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