Coffee break- new shop discovered


Coffee_man_2Daily_brew_2It’s always good to discover a new coffee shop that is not the giant Seattle chain’s domain and especially nice when you find it’s also a great place to work for a few hours.  I’ve mentioned a place called The Daily Brew near me before and it’s a nice place to go occasionally.  The main problem I have with it is it’s just too darn small making it a tad uncomfortable to work.  I was pleased to recently see them announce the opening of a second location and today I have stopped by for the first time.  I am delighted to find this location is much bigger than the other and is intelligently laid out for workers.  There is ample table space and power outlets to accommodate quite a crowd which is good to find.  The only down side is there are only a couple of people here and a sign on the door apologizes that they will no longer be open on Sundays.  That’s a pretty big day for coffee shops so my fear is they are already having trouble making ends meet.  Hope not!


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