A Quick Om Update


I just want to give you a quick update on why posting might be slow today. I have been researching some big stories, and I need to sit and think about all the information I have gathered and make sense of it all. On top of that, I need to prepare for WordCamp 2008, which is being held in San Francisco this weekend.

Typically, Stacey would fill in, but she is taking a well-deserved computer- and connectivity-free rest. Furthermore, after writing furiously for the past couple of days, I am giving myself a little pause. Of course, all that goes out the window if something major unfolds. To all our readers in India, Happy Independence Day. I miss flying kites with my mates.

As you know, we have great stuff on our network, and here are some highlights from this morning:

  • NewTeeVee: Olympics are boosting online sports
  • NewTeeVee Station: John Mayer, Mr. Uncool?
  • Earth2Tech: Wind power will generate 150 Gigawatts by 2020 in US
  • WebWorkerDaily: How to deal with corporate web-blocking policies
  • jkOnTheRun: How Dell is adding Instant-On to its new laptops
  • OStatic: Mozilla‚Äôs mobile browser, Fennec: an update.




I got to fly kite after so many years as I am back in India now. I actually had fun flying kites which landed on my homes terrace from a kite fight(pecha ladana).

Pavan K

Greetings/Namaskar Bhaiyo or Bhenno – Happy Belated Independence Day everyone.

@ Om: Good to see you are balancing things, despite still being a workaholic. Apka Kyal Rakna. Don’t forget Om 3.0.


India’s Independence day is a reminder of what can be achieved by out of the box thinking while being firmly grounded in our core ethical beliefs.


Happy Independence Day. Kite flying and Holi are the most fun. We celebrate kite flying every year in April/May when the sun comes out although the festival is in Jan. Most welcome to join us :)



Om, The kite flying season is in Jan (makar sankranti) – Nobody flies kite in August :P anyhow Happy Independence Day!

Constance Reader

Cool, Om, more photos of Crash! The first day you posted about him, I kept the photos up. He was certainly great for my moral during that hectic workday.

Ed Hecht

WORLD CUP 2008?!!! In SF?!!! Who knew? Where did they hide all the stadia?
Oh wait… (Looking forward to the next deluge, Om. :) )

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