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Flixwagon and Qik Offer Livestreaming From “Hacked” iPhones

Here’s a case in which you can’t help but think what would happen if the wireless industry made things easy. Both Qik and Flixwagon released applications this week that allow people to live stream video from their iPhone to the Internet (even though Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) doesn’t allow iPhone developers to create applications using the camera). Although the concept sounds pretty cool, I’m not sure what business sense this makes. The applications only work on “jailbroken,” or hacked iPhones, which means the two companies are fighting over a sliver of the overall iPhone market, which will likely hit 10 million before the end of this year. Still, these applications are good examples of what innovative things companies are trying to do, if only the handsets and processes were easier. Here’s more from TechCrunch and ReadWriteWeb on Apple’s policies, which aren’t really explained but some theorize it’s because the camera would drain the phone’s short battery life even more if it was enabled for video.