Earnings: Live Current Media Grows Revs 27 Percent In Q2; Net Loss Balloons

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imageLive Current Media, the OTCBB-traded domainer and acquirer of Auctomatic , has reported Q2 revenue of $1.93 million, up 27 percent year over year. Almost all of the company’s revenue comes from Perfume.com, the domain-driven e-commerce site. Net losses grew to over $2 million, from about $200,000, due to a major spike in management fees and employee salaries — basically, the company is trying to scale into a business and investing now. The Canadian company recently did a deal in India for the popular sport of Cricket: it bagged the portal rights of the Indian Premier League for 10 years for $50 million


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The Game

Not sure how the deal with IPL will help them unless they do something which can involve Indian crowd.

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