YippieMove Offers Email Portability

ScreenshotHere’s the scenario: you’ve got a college email account you’re about to lose, or a crufty old AOL or CompuServe address you want to ditch. You could forward all of your old mails to a new account – but do you have the time? YippieMove is betting that it’s worth $9.95 to you to have them do it instead. For that money, plus the credentials to log in to your old account, YippieMove will shuffle all (up to 10GB and 10,000 messages) of your mail via IMAP to a GMail mailbox, preserving the folder structure.

There are free command-line tools to do much the same, but they’re relatively hard to use. For a one-time price, YippieMove promises to save a fair bit of time. I’d love to see them expand the service, though, to continuously mirror mail from one account to another: that’s a cloud backup idea that I for one could be interested in paying for.


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