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Samsung Launches Software for More Efficient Phones, Gadgets

Vampire power drains, one of the ongoing bugaboos of making consumer electronics greener and more efficient, is a serious problem for mobile devices. Luckily, Samsung is on the case with what’s essentially a software hack designed to optimize the high performance features of the flash memories in smart phones, using the major mobile operating systems.

The software will boost the efficiency of devices using Windows Mobile(CE), Symbian, Linux and RTOS. The inclusion of Linux is savvy and necessary — it will also make all the open-source geeks out there happy (and give them something else to play with).

The new software optimizes data transactions within its memory chips, boosting performance through faster booting, downloading and searching — three of the most processor-heavy and therefore power hungry things you can ask a modern processing chip to do. The faster and more economically you can power up, transfer data or search through that data, the less energy you’ll use. Ergo, greener mobile devices.

And don’t think this applies to just phones. It also helps out digital cameras, digital camcorders, memory cards and digital TVs, as well as smart phones (including 3G phones).

For you developer jockeys, the software is expected to shorten application design times, which means you’ll either get more do-able deadlines, or your project managers will just shorten timelines even more. And the cherry on top? The new upgrade is also cheaper. What could be better than that?

For us mere mortals out there, what this all will mean is that our phones and gadgets (at least the ones made by Samsung) will work faster and use less energy. And for the planet, it means things are just a little bit greener.