RedSwoosh Founder to Leave Akamai


Travis Kalanick, who founded peer-to-peer digital file distribution network Red Swoosh and sold the company to one-time-rival Akamai in April 2007 for $18.7 million, is going to be leaving the company soon. His last day is going to be August 29th, though it is not clear what he going to be doing next.

I am not surprised Travis is leaving. Back in May 2008, Janko Roettgers asked the question, Whatever happened to Red Swoosh? There was some thought that RedSwoosh would provide P2P chops to Akamai’s CDN network, an important development as file sizes started to balloon. It is stillnot clear what Akamai has done with Red Swoosh

Furthermore, Akamai stock has nosedived since the Red Swoosh acquisition. On April 12, 2007 Akamai closed at $53.29 a share. The stock ended the day today, August 14, 2008 at $23.53 a share. It doesn’t look like Travis is going to be resting on his laurels. Whatever he does – his next startup should be fun and innovative. Stay tuned.

Photo Courtesy of Dweekly via Flickr.



That guy has always been able to see around corners. He’ll come up with something else cool and hard to understand in no time. I’ll never forget his incessant and peripatetic ranting about how great the next phase of the web was going to be in late 2000. Most people were licking their wounds, but Travis was already licking his chops.

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