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NewTeeVee Startup Watch: Trendessence, LiveRail, imcandy, Animasher, Heekya

What’s new on NewTeeVee this week? Lots and lots of online video startups. The beautiful summer weather doesn’t seem to be tempting anyone out of the office this year. And keep an eye on NTV for a couple more startup scoops to come this week.

First up, Trendessence: I mentioned this one in my BusinessWeek story this week. Young guys out of Stanford trying to match up major advertisers and independent online video producers. Very early, but they seem to be scoring the right meetings. One to keep an eye on. Palo Alto, Calif./San Francisco-based; bootstrapped.

LiveRail: Had originally offered a video ad marketplace, new plan is to license its video ad server and offer free publisher tools for managing ad relationships. San Francisco-based; just raised $500,000 from Pond Venture Partners.

imcandy: A video portal that gives submitters guidelines to make the videos somewhat organized and advertiser-friendly. Also has its own ad marketplace and, oh yeah…a personal sex video section. Our take: Doesn’t sound too distinctive other than the amateur porn bit. Based in Israel; has $100,000 in funding.

Animasher: Web-based tools to create crude but cute animations. Use their images and sounds or upload your own. Our take: It’s neat, but nothing amazing. Based in Sweden; bootstrapped.

Heekya: Helps you aggregate your online media to tell a story. Our take: We’ll withhold judgment till we see it but we don’t have a burning desire for yet another mashup tool. Washington, D.C. area-based; raised under $30,000 dollars as part of LaunchBox program.

8 Responses to “NewTeeVee Startup Watch: Trendessence, LiveRail, imcandy, Animasher, Heekya”

  1. andy warhol

    excuse me from all the wag but hasnt or their half baked going downhill ever since they launched? seems that nobody can even access anymore
    i give it 1 more month before its deadpool… primarily because i havent seen anything new or heard anything about what the hell it is that theyre actually planning.

    news and stuff is great but where’s the beef???? is it just one person developing this thing or several? in my view.. YC’s 21 startups are way more interesting with genuine ideas than launchbox’

    my 2 cents

  2. Brother Howie

    I agree with most of the sentiments above — UGC should get better with motivation for payoff, as well as a chance to really highlight your creative talent.

    But I think we’re all looking at this only from the advertising side of things. What about how e-commerce is integrating with video? Look at Amazon’s Video Widget, and Pure Verticals’ Mugzy. These folks are all trying to figure out how word-of-mouth feeds the ecommerce equation, and how video and social nets can spread that message.

    It’s all still evolving…should be an interesting next 12-18 months in the space…


  3. Hi,

    In a world where you can share ANY video file, no concern about its content, end users face a major challenge in finding high quality videos within a mess.

    imcandy video platform guarantees an organized, logic and clear content as well as compensates creators for their contribution. Video creators get 40% of video-ads revenues plus bonuses for each upload($5-30) during beta.

    We believe that clear video structures together with a high profit potential are a source of motivation for creating high quality productions, much like TV.

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  4. I think innovation is slightly overrated, the problem with the web-video space is business oriented … not technology oriented. There are certain types of content that is worthy monetization and most video sites aren’t targeting properly. I’m excited to see how these sites do.

  5. Dax Brady Sheehan

    trendessence, liverail, imcandy non too innovative(sorry guys). Animasher actually not that bad on the other hand. UI is ok, could be better more gui imho. Nevertheless going in the right direction.

    heekya. nope. It’s so close but really very far away. It seems cluttered and to much social interaction which really doesn’t seem necessary. Had a great idea with design your story and let others look, watch and read… not edit. That part for me is the sticking part. I don’t want people to edit my wedding story… do you?

    Thanks for the round up Liz.

  6. Hi,

    thanks for mentioning us!

    We hope over time, quality of the animations will rise. There are definitely some nuggets of gold there already, and of course also lots of animations which are basically “test runs” of the tool.

    We think the slightly rough feel of the creations is something that often increases the humor in them.

    All the best,

    Kristofer –