Intel makes small SSD module smaller in mini-card version

Zp230_2That Intel Z-P230 Solid State Disk module in my new Acer Aspire One is already outdated, but maybe just on a technicality. See, today Intel launched an even smaller version of the Z-P230 which will lighten the load of a small computing device by 3 grams. Hey… every gram counts. The new module weighs 8 grams and is currently available in 4- and 8 GB capacities, with a 16 GB unit on the way next month.

While smaller is better in this case, I’d really like to see Intel find a way to speed these chips up. At read and write speeds of 38 MBps and 10 MBps I find that the performance is a little underwhelming, but of course, I’m comparing that to a physically larger traditional hard drive. Still, it’s nice to have a memory expansion option, which the new Z-P230 should provide since it’s a mini-card solution. Plus it uses just a wee bit of power: 314 mW during use but just 1.65 mW when idling in neutral.

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