Impressions of the Aspire One with XP: Small Laptops

AceraspireonexpExcellent timing! D.C. over at Small Laptops just took delivery of his Acer Aspire One, but unlike me, he opted for the XP version with the hard drive and extra 512 MB of RAM. Similar to my first two posts about the device, what I liked and what I didn’t like, he offers up his first impressions. It’s interesting to see where they’re the same as mine in terms of buiild quality and general performance; the hardware itself is nicer than I would have thought for such a low price. Where might there be a difference between the two devices? He hasn’t mentioned any operating system concerns while I find them to be problematic for mainstream consumers. Well worth the read for a differing opinion! In fact, he might have convinced me to just throw XP on there right now and re-evaluate my thoughts on this netbook… Thanks D.C., like I needed more work to do! ;)


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