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Bowman: More Likely To Start For Yankees Than Float MLBAM IPO; On BlackBerry Video

imageStill waiting for an MLB IPO? Better hope Bob Bowman starts practicing his moves as a shortstop. Asked if a public offering is in the offing, the head of Major League Baseball Advanced Media told the WSJ “it is more likely that I will start at shortstop for the Yankees.” Among the other topics, he talked about mobile video and the BlackBerry:

Bowman wants the BlackBerry mobile audience: “It’s a data machine and ultimately could become a video machine.” BlackBerry users have downloaded a half million MLB icons — no revenue but “empirical evidence” of the interest. This fall, MLBAM hopes to deliver a video highlight app. No streaming, says Bowman. “To get on that device, to get on something that people are used to looking at quite a bit, even more than their phone, that will be a real shot in the arm for our wireless strategy… People don’t look at their phone for very long. It’s about 30 seconds. And that’s how people are used to enjoying non-voice content on their wireless devices. For a live baseball game, I’d rather get five updates from five games rather than watch two minutes of a baseball game. That may change as quality gets better, as the pipe gets better, as all of these things get better, as screens get more robust. But right now, that’s where it is.”

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