Everun Note: most powerfully performing UMPC yet?

EverunnotebenchmarksIt could be true based on the CrystalMark benchmarks that Everun provided to UMPC Portal. I just checked the numbers against the ones I ran on my Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium and the Everun Note shows significant potential. Bear in mind that Everun ran the testing, not a third party; I’ll be more interested when the product actually gets some play time and testing outside of the Everun labs. ;)

Regardless, these are impressive numbers for a UMPC. It certainly helps performance when you tuck a dual-core AMD Turion 64×2 1.2 GHz CPU in there. What will that high-power do for run-time? Everun says three hours on the 19.2 W/hr battery, but I’ll go out on a limb and suggest that as tested in the benchmarks, the device will see two hours at most. That remains to be seen until we see more information of course, but I don’t recall the Turion 64×2 being a power sipper. Steve should have his hands on a test device in the near future, so I can’t wait to see his experience.


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