Congratulations, You're a Market


ScreenshotIf there was any doubt in your mind about the importance of web workers to the economy, yesterday’s announcement of new business laptops should put it to rest. Not only are they rolling out laptops in every conceivable niche, from ultra-portable to long-life battery to hefty desktop replacement, they’re marketing them with a focus on “digital nomads.” (Where have we heard something like that before?)

In fact, Dell has even launched a new Digital Nomads community site. Though it has the Dell tie-ins you’d expect, they’re also trying to reach out to working nomads through everything from Facebook and Twitter to blogging to writing a crowdsourced white paper. We’re happy to welcome Dell to the web working blog community.



I would hope someone targeting people with a mobile lifestyle would provide full feeds instead of partial ones … maybe you can help suggest that *wink*nudge*


Thanks @Mike for the post — we definitely view those of us who view their laptop as the center of their work world (versus their office) as a customer group. Over time our desire is for the site to become more of a true community where digital nomads identify what is being discussed and blogged about. Our hope is that this site will be like a bottle of Italian red — it gets better with age and gentle nurturing.


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