Chrysler offering wireless Internet connection in cars


AutonetWe follow the BYOI* concept here at jkOnTheRun, so news that Chrysler is adding an Internet connection option to their 2009 cars builds on that principle. Chrysler’s Uconnect Web is a dealer-installed EV-DO router that creates a WiFi hotspot in your car. The device comes from Autonet Mobile, the same company that offers a similar solution through Avis rental cars at $10.95 a day.

Chrysler will start offering the option on August 25th on all new cars, but the hardware could be retrofitted into earlier models as well. What’s the price for the privilege of connecting to the Internet with your phone, PC, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP and whatever else you have in the car? Expect to pay around $450 for the device, plus an installation fee and a $29 monthly service charge. Sounds nice, but I’ll stick with my current EV-DO subscription and share it as needed.

(via CrunchGear)    * = Bring Your Own Internet


Ron P

Yes the fact that parking my car in the living room will probably have ANOTHER issue with my HOA, THEY LOVE ME!!. But if the pricepoint buys the service that we want EVDO, Rev A, Unlimited would be nice but we, of course, feel a 5GB CAP or worse coming on. I have a Blackberry on Sprint SERO and got lucky with Unlimited Phone As Modem included(There is a cellular God!)but always looking for another deal. Until SPRINT gets a BB with Rev A, my BB has Rev 0 only. I feel the need, the need for Speed!. Unfortunately if I switch to one of the Rev A devices on Sprint I may lose my Unlimited PAM.
But depending on the makeup of the in car device, I think that portability can be obtained. I see that device with a 12 Volt Car Lighter cord and a AC-DC Power Inverter at home and / or the office. Nowdays 12 volts is just another current for the home. Kind of like “The Other White Meat” but for electricity.

Now we just need “The Facts Mam, Nothing But The Facts”


Dont really see that being anything I would want. I use my verizon usb727 plugged into my cradlepoint router, so i always have a wifi hotspot anywhere I am. It will be in my car when I go to the airport in the morning, at the gate while I wait to board, in my rental car, motel, and anywhere I need it.Packing a chrysler in my carry-on so i can have wifi when I am on vacation is not really an option.


I experimented with creating a wifi hotspot in our own car. I have a wireless router that can take an EDGE/3G/HSDPA dongle, and I was able to power this thing with an an adapter plugged into the cigarette lighter. My partner used her laptop computer as we drove along.

It was only moderately successful. In rural areas the connection could be terribly slow, and of course you would lose the connection. The dongle, frustratingly, didn’t always reconnect again when the signal came back, so you had to power-cycle the router, which made the dongle re-connect.

Along a motorway we often use (I’m in the UK) it was sort of OK. Not wildly fast, because it was only basic 3G and not HSPDA along this stretch, but there was a signal most of the time. One of the things you discover is that in places where you can make a decent phone call you can’t necessarily get decent wireless data, because phone traffic is now so much less demanding than data traffic. You can get serviceable calls running at below 10 kbit/s now, so you can be a long way from the base station and still have a reasonable voice call. Such a low rate for data, though, has you tearing your hair out in frustration.



> However, that also means you can only access that solution when you’re in WiFi range of the car.

So you have to sign a contract with a clause where you agree not to disassemble your car? ;)

Steve Simmons


I was thinking the same thing with regard to pricing and since I live in NJ where you need a car to go anyplace I’m never far from it. I sense a new Google app, locate an open parking spot within wi-fi distance of my final destination.

2 question… 1) is this an “unlimited plan” and 2) is it Rev A.?

Kevin C. Tofel

Ron, the price is appealing. Two years of this service is $270 cheaper* than what I pay Verizon for my EV-DO. That works out to a tad over $10 per month less for the car solution. However, that also means you can only access that solution when you’re in WiFi range of the car. The extra $11.25 a month to be wireless everywhere is worth it to me.

*Autonet = $450 upfront cost + ($29 x 24 months) or $1,146.
EV-DO = free modem with plan + ($59 x 24 months) or $1,416.

Ron P

Tell ya what Kevin, what interests me is the $29.95 a month Fee. As you know that is one heck of a price, if it is an Unlimited EVDO connection (even with 5GB cap)

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