Download an eBook title, win $500 worth of eBooks or an iPod Touch


EreaderiphoneLike James, I’m definitely consuming more eBook content now that there’s an eReader client application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I guess the Fictionwise folks don’t believe me when I say that though. Why else would they be having a contest trying to get me to buy more content? Probably because I’m a sucker and besides: I’d be purchasing a new eBook anyway before August 22. ;)

That’s the deal: buy an eBook title on your device from your Fictionwise or eReader account and you’re entered into the contest. A randomly drawn winner receives a $500 store credit. Don’t have an iPhone or iPod Touch to buy a book on? No prob…. just make sure you’re on the newsletter list and log into your account between now and the contest end date. You can win an iPod Touch that way as well. Ten other random winners will receive a $100 store credit, while another hundred lucky folks will get a $10 credit.

I need to drop off and get reading… I’m finding it hard to keep up with my RSS feed of new eReader releases.



Anyone know where/when the winners are posted? Contest doesn’t show when they are drawing me as, I mean, drawing a winner. haha

Steve P.

you can in fact browse to from safari and buy on the device. You can also choose the “other sites”, browse to ereader (or fictionwise), buy and download.

We are working on a site optimized for the smaller browser, we hope to have at least a beta live by first week in september. Once that’s up and running there will be a much more convenient direct buy from the device.


I am upset that my Star Trek book Fearful Symmetry hasn’t come out at

Frank McPherson

Can one actually buy an eReader book from an iPod Touch? I don’t see the store like I do on my Windows Mobile device, I just see my book shelf. What am I missing?

I assume that the system is tracking downloads from the bookshelf and thus when I downloaded one last night I was entered into the contest. :)

Mike Cane

>>>consuming more eBook content

I really, really want to slap you around for that.

Writers write to be *read*, not consumed.

Books are not Big Macs, dammit.

Steve P.

Slight clarification: We are not requiring you to even buy a book. We are only requiring you to upgrade to version 1.1 and *download* any book, even one you previously owned, or a free book from our free books list, onto your iphone or ipod touch.

No purchase necessary!

The point of the promotion is to get everyone upgraded to the new release, and get people who have not tried it yet to give it a whirl. We think once they do, they’ll be hooked.


Hey there again,
thanks for listing the contest and free ebooks. I just signed up and downloaded 7 ebooks. Now I just need a device to load them on. wink-wink, nudge-nudge. :)
On a semi-related note, heard anything new about the release of Moblin Fedora?
Thanks for a great daily column!

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