LiveRail Raises $500k For Video Ad Server


LiveRail, a developer of technology for video advertising, has raised $500k from Pond Ventures. The raise brings the company’s total funding to about $1 million, according to NTV. The company previously sought to build an online video marketplace, but has since abandoned that strategy in favor of licensing its technology. With this raise, the company announced the availability of Junction, free software to help publishers manage relationships with advertisers. Release.


Chris Moise

We are using LiveRail on our site at Their management team has been working hard to improve the product and their new back end redesign has been an improvement. Ads have the ability to play a video, which is a nice touch. We have one client using it now.


junction is a smart move – their old service was going nowhere anyway…


I had a test drive of LiveRail and it seems like a good product.

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