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Vongo is Gone-go

This certainly isn’t shocking: Starz Entertainment has shut down online movie service Vongo. A visit to the site shows the following message:

The writing was on the wall for the service when the company announced Starz Play, a white-label movie download service for Verizon, in May. But troubles for Vongo started long before that. Early on, customers had big issues with pre-installed software, promotional pricing and customer service.

I’m not sure Starz has learned its lesson though. According to the Starz Play FAQ, you have to still download and install software in order to use the service — a hassle customers don’t want to go through — especially since the movie selection is pretty stale at this point (Spider-Man 3, Ratatouille).

Hat tip to paidContent.

6 Responses to “Vongo is Gone-go”

  1. As I recall, Vongo’s initial launch announcement was the first of a flurry of legit content deals in early 2006 (this was way back in the day when content wasn’t available everywhere), so this is kind of the end of an era.