Russell Brand, Britney Spears, The Line: NTV Station Today


In 10 years, we’ll look back on Forgetting Sarah Marshall as “the movie in which most of America found out how funny Russell Brand is.” And in that strange bold future, this clip promoting Brand’s hosting of the MTV VMA awards will be seen as a delightful artifact of the times. Plus, Britney Spears!

And today, Episode 7 of The Line, Saturday Night Live‘s first real foray into web series production, brought the story to a close. But is this satire of fanboys waiting for the latest installment of their favorite sci-fi franchise a Dark Knight-esque success or a Phantom Menace-esque letdown? Lower your expectations, then check it out at NewTeeVee Station.


James Dennis

Ahh… I’m guessing they did a press release, which set off the web vid blogosphere. But I’m still confused… did the finale air on the 12th, or back on the 8th? Or was it just that Crackle aired it 4 days before the other sources? If it’s the latter, that’s an interesting approach.

Awesome! Thanks anyway.

Liz Shannon Miller

Hey, James,

Today the last episode was released across all platforms (not just — leading to a big publicity push. Hope that solves the mystery for you!

James Dennis

Just wanted to correct you on a problem in your post. ‘The Line’ didn’t conclude today. Over on Crackle, you can clearly see episode 7 came out 08/08/08. And is there word of a sequel? If not, why all the news about this show today (you guys, Dave Sarno, etc), if it already ended? A quick search found this news article from 7/24 –

But the Russell Brand vid is hilarious! He was the only reason I stayed through “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.”

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