Kingston adds 32 GB SDHC card to Elite Pro line-up


Kingston32gbsdhcI’m sure my new DLSR would love, love, love to hold Kingston’s new SDHC memory card inside. Well, maybe my Canon doesn’t care, but I sure do. I’m blasting through the 2 GB SD cards I use for photography and 32 GB would just be stellar to use for the RAW+JPG setting. This card is a new addition to the Elite Pro lineup for Kingston and is a class 4 card, meaning the minimum write speed is 4 MBps. With 32 GB of storage, Kingston figures you can capture over 6,000 images with a 10 megapixel camera or 8 hours of high-definition video with a 6 Mbps bit-rate.

Kingston says the new high-capacity memory card has a suggested retail price of $308, but I’ve already found it on-line for $203.99. Oh so tempting for the SDHC-supported devices in my life.


Kevin C. Tofel

Matthew, I don’t think Kingston is confused. Both in the press release and my post, it’s clear that this is a Class 4 card with a minimum (not maximum) speed of 4 MBps. Are you looking at the 6 Mbps (not MBps) video bitrate used as an example for file sizes?

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