iPhone 3G issues: who’s to blame?

Iphone3gHow I kept my geek genes in check by not buying an iPhone 3G yet, I’ll never know. While some owners of the handset are thrilled with their device, I continue to read more and more complaints everywhere I turn. Lately the issues I’m hearing about are with the 3G functionality, which aside from the GPS is the only reason I had to upgrade from my first-gen iPhone. But if there are issues with the 3G, who’s to blame?

Stacey Higginbotham alludes to a possible issue with the 3G chip, which is believed to be supplied by Infineon. If the issue is with hardware, then it could be a real challenge to fix with a firmware upgrade. The other side of the equation is the network itself. With over 3 million iPhone 3G devices sold already, is the AT&T network crumbling under heavy demand for voice and speedy data? An official AT&T statement indicates that the iPhone 3G is performing well and that issues are handled on a case-by-case basis. 

In the end, I suspect AT&T will take the brunt of any burden here. While customers bought an Apple-branded phone, they have an ongoing contract and business relationship with AT&T. That won’t let Apple off the hook if there are any actual hardware issues that need addressing, but AT&T is going to have to step up and own the issue if there is one to be had.

Since I don’t have an iPhone 3G, I’ll rely on you: how’s your 3G connectivity peforming?


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