imcandy Solicits Sellable and Sexy UGC Videos


Imcandy, an Israeli startup, today launched the beta of its portal for user-generated video content that’s catered towards advertising. The company calls itself “a place for scripted videos,” which doesn’t mean it gives creators scripts, but rather that it asks them to make clear, structured videos. In return it gives content creators 40 percent of revenue on ads (which are currently sold for $17.50 CPM).

If you want to make a quick buck, imcandy is paying $40 per video, plus bonuses depending on the topic, during the beta. Imcandy’s current channels are cooking, how-to, music and standup. Also, somewhat buried within the site is the option to upload amateur sex videos to a “love” channel. Let me guess… this is where the majority of traffic is going to turn up.

For now, each of the videos on the site has a placeholder pre-roll for a future ad. Imcandy is also setting up its own video ad marketplace, called adRoyalties, to fill those holes.

Imcandy has $100,000 in initial funding and was founded by Avihai Ozana and Guy Bashan, who are also running a site optimization startup called Amadesa.


Hilla O.

really loved the design and concept, this should rock the new world of video. great idea and so easy to use. way to go and good luck!

Roi Schmidt

what a great initiative, I had enough with youtube’s crap…

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