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Yahoo Expected To Name Two Board Members By Friday: Biondi And… Who?

*Yahoo* is expected to name its two new board members by the end of the week, but there are conflicting reports on who they will name. Recall that as part of the company’s settlement with Carl Icahn, the company agrees to expand its board to 11, giving Carl Icahn and two of his allies three seats. In addition to Icahn, who has already been named, one was expected to be Jonathan Miller, but that was nixed by Time Warner (NYSE: TWX), which invoked a non-compete clause at the 11th hour. Kara Swisher at AllThingsD reported earlier today that Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) was honing in on Frank Biondi and ex ad exec Edward Meyer. But ATD corporate sibling WSJ says it’s now likely to be Biondi and John Chapple, former CEO of Nextel. It notes that Meyer had been a late contender, but has been ruled out. Bottom line: it sounds like Biondi is on board, which is not surprising given his media experience. As for the other, well… this is far from the most exciting or pivotal aspect of this story.

Update: Reuters says Chapple is likely the second nominee, as well. For more background on him, check out Tricia’s post at mocoNews.

4 Responses to “Yahoo Expected To Name Two Board Members By Friday: Biondi And… Who?”

  1. digital bear

    She is also close to the source (ahem, founder) who may be using her to get throw folks off the trail. She is pretty good but is also so close that it sometimes can be blinding…

  2. I suspect WSJ's report is correct, as it seems they have fresh info, plus corrobration from Reuters. But I think that's an unfair attack on Kara. If anything, she's dominated the WSJ throughout the whole Yahoo-Microsoft-Icahn cycle.

  3. digital bear

    If one had to trust a source between the two- I would go with WSJ. One of the sources is notoriously conflicted & insidious in Valley politics despite the disclaimers while the other has been the business person's paper of record for over a century — thus why one has a blog.

  4. Tricia Duryee

    Hey Joe,
    I've known John Chapple for a few years, and covered his previous company Nextel Partners up until it was bought by Sprint Nextel ( Nextel Partners was an affiliate of Nextel Communications and built and operated rural networks under the Nextel brand). If you look at the history on that transaction, he fought like a dog for what he thought was right for shareholders. Sprint ended up paying $10 billion, representing an 8 percent premium over the stock price. It's definitely an interesting choice by Icahn.
    Tricia Duryee